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Today we will be taking a break from costuming to discuss another of my favourite things: Podcasts!  Podcasts are exploding in popularity.  If podcasts had a pussy you know it would be on fire!  Like YouTube before, podcasts have become more and more popular as a form of on demand entertainment.  And it was with this increase in popularity as well as because of the marketing teams of companies like Squarespace, Audible, and Squatty Potty, they have become a way to earn money.  And you know what happens once there's money involved!  Just like what happened on YouTube, everyone's got a podcast now.  Unfortunately, not everyone can have the same meteoric rise to the top like My Favorite Murder did  (SSDGM) and not all podcast are created with the same level of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. (How many Rupaul's Drag Race references can I use in one paragraph?) So sorting through the millions of mediocre podcasts out there can to find a few gems can be a bit tiresome.

This is less so when it comes to podcasts dedicated to burlesque.  I really wanted to give this post the great click bait title of "Top 10 Burlesque Podcasts You Needs To Listen To NOW", but there just aren't enough burly podcasts out there for that.  And that's a damn shame.   So instead I will tell you about the few active podcasts there are out there  as well as the ones that are defunct but still worth a listen.  And please, if I've missed anything please let me know in the comments below.  So, for you listening pleasure, here is my list of top burly podcasts!

Revealing with Michelle L'amour - Yak Channel

This was the first burly podcast I came across and I really can't remember how I found out about it.  I started listening to it when I started a 6 week act development class at the Bombshell Burlesque Academy.  This podcast was so important to me at the time as I was developing what would be my first solo act and it was describing so many of the feeling I was having.  To be able to listen to someone who has such a strong and powerful stage presence talk about their struggles with anxiety and confidence was so valuable to me.  Listening to Michelle L'amour, Miss Exotic World/Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2005, talk about herself and being able to relate to her helped me to work through the anxiety and, as she says in one episode, "bump and grind in the face of fear". 

The podcast isn't just about self reflection though, there are some great interviews (including one with Ginger Valentine!) as well as the Friday Tease - a monthly episode inspired by Naked Girls Reading where an excerpt of a sexy book is read.  A newer addition to the podcast is Titty Tea Time where Michelle and local Chicago burlesque stars Lady Ginger, Greta Layne, and Dominique Trixx discuss current issues while sipping tea in lacy lingerie.  Episodes are published every Friday.

Episodes  worth checking out: 'Revealing' revealed - the first episode, Do it!, and the Friday Tease - Tipping the Velvet.

*Note you will need to subscribe to the Yak Channel to access the podcast.

Burlesque Stripped Down with velvet o'claire

I came across this podcast while searching for another burly podcast I heard about.  This is a well produced podcast with some great content.  The first episode I listened to was 6 Steps to Better Burly Productivity.  This a great episode full of really great practical advice for setting and achieving your burlesque goals.  Velvet presents the information in a clear and easy to understand format which is both informative and inspiring!  This episode also mentions a previous episode: Top 5 Apps for a Burly Business Queen or King.  This episode is also extremely helpful and introduced me to Canva, a free web-based graphic design program for noobs.

Another episode I really enjoyed was about the movie Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe.  I recently watched this documentary on Netflix and was left feeling a little underwhelmed.  To be fair though, I should watch it again as I may not have given it all of my attention the first time I watched it.  Listening to the podcast and getting an understanding of how this film was made - through extensive filming over a 7 year period - actually gave me a greater appreciation of the film.  It's not perfect, but neither is burlesque and maybe that's the point.

This podcast has so much on offer including many interviews and  extensive show notes published on their website.  They also publish a monthly Worldwide Event Roundup that you can have your event featured on if you email velvet@burlesquestrippeddown.com.


Burlesque on Air with Lada Redstar

This podcast is a seed bank of burlesque, that's how important it is.  Lada Redstar interviews the legends of burlesque and in doing so gives us a record of these legends in their own words and voices.  Lada asks about the personal lives of her guests and they offer a look into the world of burlesque in the Golden Era as well a some advice for modern burlesque dancers.  Burlesque on Air has featured such stars as: Camille 2000, Bambi Jones, Satan's Angel, Big Fannie Annie,  Dusty Summers,  Judith Stein, and April March.

Burlesque on Air has episodes available under the Kirkuss Radio branded Burlesque on Air  (first Apple link) as well as the most recent episodes on the Burlesque on Air with Lada Redstar (second Apple link).  

Tits on Tape 

Brand new podcast 'Tits on Tape' is produced by Agatha Frisky and Kim Khaos.  The ladies have so far released 3 episodes that are all available on SoundCloud.  Segments include an interview with a burlesque personality - so far including Rachel Atlas and Tom Harlow , Tips for Strips where they give advice for burlesque dancers, and Rantie Panties where they rant about the latest Facebook controversy or some other contentious issue in the realm of burlesque.

I really enjoyed their interview with Tom Harlow, someone I was unaware of until this episode, and hope that they continue to bring in amazing artists to talk with.   Tom had some really interesting and things to say  as well as plenty of useful advice and it was great to get some insight into what it is to be a full time artist.  The only thing  I hate about this podcast is that it's not on iTunes.  You can download and listen offline on Soundcloud if you pay a subscription, which annoys the crap out of me.  Hopefully they can transition to iTunes and whatever Android uses soon!

**UPDATE** - Tits on Tape is now available on iTunes!

The bodcast (bustle)

While not strictly a burlesque podcast, The Bodcast does cover the thing that is central to burlesque: bodies.   Body positivity, acceptance, and down right appreciation is something so bountiful in burlesque it can sometimes come as a shock when you witness the pervasiveness of  body shaming outside of our precious bubble.  And while we feel this love for all bodies in burlesque  and the understand that a performer is so much more than their measurements many of us still internally struggle with loving the body we have.  That's why I decided to include this podcast. 

The Bodcast is self described as "a podcast for radical body positivism and fat acceptance" with it's first season focusing on the experiences of people living in fat bodies in a world morally objected to them.   The second season broadens the discussion to the "unconventional narratives that people are living in all of their different bodies in 2017"  covering topics like getting an abortion and being a trans teenager.

The one stand out episode with regards to burlesque is the episode featuring burlesque dancer , producer, and Tedx speaker, Lillian Bustle.  In this episode she talks about how being fat limits society's acceptance of you as a sexual being.  Through burlesque Lillian was able to find a way to express her femininity  after decades of feeling like, as a fat person, she had to suppress it..  Lillian and host Amanda Richards also discuss the motivations behind and the affects of the use of the word 'brave'.  It is common in burlesque that audience members and outsiders alike will tell you how 'brave' you are for doing what you do.  This is something that can feel malicious, misguided, and sometimes says a lot about the mindset of the  person saying it.  Lillian and Amanda's opinions on this and many other topics are definitely worth a listen.  

Lillian also has her own podcast, the Body Poscast.  Check it out here

*Make sure you're downloading/subscribing to the Bustle podcast as there a fitness podcast  also named the Bodcast.

defunct but worth a listen

The Art of Burlesque has 5 episodes all recorded in 2015.  The host interviews some of the top performers in burlesque including: Tigger!, Jeez Louise, Raven, Ray Gunn, Aurora Galore, and Vicky Butterfly.  I especially loved hearing the interview with Tigger!, one of the true pioneers of the neo-burlesque movement.  While the production is strange at times, it's worth it to hear a few great interviews with so true superstars.

This or That is a video podcast of 'America's Favorite Burlesque Gameshow!'.  Hosted by Julie Atlas Muz and Fred Kahl and filmed at Coney Island, This or That , is part bizare Japanese gameshow part burlesque show with contestants put through an assortment of weird challenges before being asked to pick a curtain, behind which a burlesque dancer is waiting to perform.  Performers include Dirty Martini, Jo Weldon,and  the World Famous Bob.  Check the full show archive here

So that's all I've got. Please do let me know in the comments if there's a podcast I missed.  Next week we will return to our regular programming and cover Part 5 in my series The Making of Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' - The Props.  If you are yet to read the other posts in the series, you may as well start now at Part 1.   You wont be mad you did. 

xo Margeaux