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Margeaux Le Gogo



Margeaux Le Gogo



Margeaux Le Gogo is the bump and grind beauty with bangs that would even make Bettie bitter!  A glamour enthusiast with a passion for makeup and costume, Margeaux has found her true love in burlesque.  Her costumes are luxurious affairs with lace and marabou galore.

While she is relatively new as a solo performer, she has 2 well developed acts including the cute and cheeky pink powder puff act, Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’. Margeaux’s new act, One Eyed Cat, is an innovative combination of classic burlesque and circus with Margeaux stripping while balancing on two 85cm balls.

With performances at the Bombshell’s Ball, Naked Ostrich Burlesque, CaBBaret, and Big Bang Burlesque where she performed with on stage pyrotechnics, Margeaux has hit the ground running - in marabou-trimmed heels, no less!  Margeaux is also talented in costuming, makeup, and hair-styling, which she features on her regular blog posts published here on her website as well as guest posts on the Burly Q and the Bombshell Burlesque Academy blog.  

Margeaux is also passionate about glitter, biodegradable glitter to be precise.  She's turned her passion into a business with Glitter au Gogo - biodegradable glitter for the glamour enthusiast.  Browse the range here


Margeaux Le Gogo, the gal with glitter and glamour au gogo!



Upcoming shows

December 9 2018
Rehydrate V: Return to the Sea | GA - $20 Pre-paid/$25 on the door; Dinner & Show - $45 prepaid/$50 on the door | Show starts 7pm | The Newmarket Hall, 212 Ashgrove Rd, Ashgrove | Tickets here | Facebook event here

November 25 2018
Curves & Claws: An Aussie Summer | VIP $40 GA $30 | 7pm | The Back Room | Tickets here | Facebook event here



The Creature from the Blue Lagoon

Why did Ariel give up her voice to get legs? And what would you give up to be able to fulfil your most intimate of desires? Margeaux Le Gogo is the sultry 60s siren that's going to show you that she's willing to shed everything to get the one thing that she yearns for the most. Here to serve you fishy realness is Margeaux Le Gogo!


What would you do if you were someone's pampered pussy? Margeaux Le Gogo knows. She would start her day with a luxuriously long grooming session where no lock would go unlicked. She would then have a well-deserved nap because, as we all know, licking a pussy is hard work. She would then, if the mood struck her and the humans were all fast asleep, play with her beloved balls of wool. Not because she enjoyed it or because she needed the exercise but because waking the humans was only right after they had the audacity to forget to empty her litter tray.

lovin', touchin', squeezin'

Do you ever wonder what a lady does while alone in her boudoir?  Does she brush her long luxurious hair while daydreaming about past lovers...? Does she rub expensive and fragrant lotions all over her soft and shapely body...?  In her debut act, Margeaux Le Gogo transports you inside her boudoir to give you a glimpse into this intimate world and brings you a fun and flirtatious act that’s oh so sweet and a little bit cheeky.   Set to the 1979 Journey song of the same name, it is a classic-themed striptease with powder puff props that get bigger the costume gets smaller building up to a tassel twirling finale.


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